How many tables will I need for my event?

Round table info:

For 48 inch round table you can seat 6

Rectangular table info:

For 5 ft rectangular table you can seat 4-6 people

For 6 ft rectangular table you can seat 6-8 people

For 8 ft rectangular table you can seat 8-10 people

Do you set up equipment (tables and chairs)?

Yes we do. There is a fee for equipment set up and breakdown. Arrangements for Set-up/Take-down should be made when you place your order.

Can we pick up at your location?


What happens if I have to cancel my order, do I get charged for it?

Please refer to our terms of agreement regarding cancellations. All special orders will be charged full price and are non refundable.

When is the best time to reserve my equipment?

We always recommend that all reservations are made as soon as possible. All equipment is subject to availability.

How much deposit is required to reserve my order?

This fee is 50% of total rental charge. Security deposit will be returned upon cancellation up to 14 days of event date. Deposit will be forfeited if reservation is cancelled within the 14-day period before reservation event date.

What should we do with the linens after use?

All Linens should be shaken clean, no dry cleaning necessary, we take care of the laundry. Linens should be dry to prevent staining and mildew.

What’s your policy on Pick ups?

Items ready for pick-up should be sorted stacked and available to our crew. All chafing dishes, utensils, etc. should be rinsed, dry, food free placed in the same containers as delivered. A charge will be assessed for all crates which are damaged or not returned. All breakage, loss and cleaning charges are in addition to rental charges. Tables and chairs must be stacked and ready for pick-up.

How late do you pick up from park?

The latest is 6:00pm

What happens if the merchandise is lost or damaged?

The customer assumes responsibility of all equipment rented from the time of delivery to time of pick up. Please be sure equipment is secured from theft and protected from weather. We charge for missing, broken, burned or damaged items.


No silly string allowed on jumpers
Jumpers are picked up at 8PM
Rain Policy – we do not set up jumpers in the rain so please choose your days accordingly. No refunds.

Royal Chairs

No Pets Allowed on Royal Chairs

No accessories hanging allowed on royal chairs balloons/flowers etc.

Royal Chairs are picked up same day no overnight

When picking up equipment you must have rope/ratchets/tie downs to tie down our equipment